The process

I want to get to know you and your brand. Once you get some questionnaires filled out and a shared Pinterest board with some inspiration in it, I get working!

These guide all of our work together! I take your input and start building the brand strategy, then I dig into the design, exploring all kinds of different directions until I find the right one. ‚ÄčI start by doing a little research about your market and your client, then it's pencil and paper time!

2 weeks after I get your completed "homework", I will present to you a strategically created brand identity, a single concept that most effectively meets your project goals from a primary logo with multiple variations, color palette, custom patterns, secondary elements and typography recommendations.

We will continue to refine it to perfection according to your feedback, as a collaboration. Each refinement round, I will take around 3 days to make the changes, polish it and send it back to you. :) The process is pretty smooth, and usually if the client communication is fast, we get this project flying and your new brand identity launched! if we are doing product images or pro headshots for you via I and L Photography, this is the time we get them done.

lastly, you get your fabulous designs dropboxed to you, ready to download. now go get 'em! it's time to show off your new business face!


> Will my designs be resold?

Never, ever. Every custom design is dedicated to one client only. That means your designs will be 100% original and unique!

> I might need more than 1 revision, how many do i have?

As many as you need. We want you to be completely happy and loving your new designs, so no limit on the revisions! This is also a way to ensure our customer service, since you will get all the attention you and your projects need. It also means our project times vary depending on the client, their responsiveness and how big a project is.  think anywhere from 4 to 20+ weeks. 

> Ok so is that the standard time a project takes?

Not really, we can estimate the time but it all depends on the complexity of the project and the communication between us.We don't set times but can try to accommodate certain schedules if needed.

> are these projects printed or digital?

100% DIGITAL! That is the beauty of working over the web: We create your perfect branding needs and you get to print at you laboratory of choice! So all of our products and designs are digital only, nothing tangible.

> can you work with someone out of the US?

Yes! Half way around the world? Bring it on! We have done it before and everything works perfectly over the web! Just remember we might be on different time zones, so keep it in mind if you expect a response right away, it may be midnight over here.

> So how are my final projects delivered?

All your final files will be delivered via Dropbox for easy downloading and saving! And as always, please save your final digital files in more than 1 location for safety!

> Can you handle rush orders?

The short answer is YES. But please do inquire before and let us know what you need and WHEN you need it. We will let you know of our current wait time and see if we can accommodate your needs.

> Great! Now, what payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, and most major credit cards. 

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